-Alen/20 Yrs/San Diego, CA

-League of Legends Summoner Name: 소녀시대Sunny (NA SERVER)

-Favorite Champions: Akali, Vayne, Twitch

-Also play Final Fantasy series, Hearthstone and other TCGs

-Maplestory doneforgoodlol: Bera - SunnyDelight 180 Priest (pre BB), Mardia - AmbiexApple 200 (Pre BB)


#it’s leonardo dicaprio
Hey Homestucks I have some left over stuff I’m looking to sell pretty cheap if anyone is interested :3
-God Tier Dave hood/cape-2 prints signed by Hussie (Scrollstuck and Land of Frost from whatpumpkin.com)-Blonde wig that I got at Comic Con (Only worn once then never taken out again lol) If your interested let me know.  :3

Mermail Abysslinde

the amount of passion and effort put into this elegant dance